Our goal is to provide world class training programs to become aspiring Beauticians, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, skin care specialists, manicurists & massage therapists.


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100% Job Placement Assistance OR Complete Parlour / Salon Setup Support (Open Your Own Parlour & be Your Own Boss) Flexible timing and instalment facilities



100% Job Placement Assistance OR Complete Parlour / Salon Setup Support (Open Your Own Parlour & be Your Own Boss)

Flexible timing and instalment facilities

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Special batches for Housewife ,Working ladies & Students

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Beautician & Makeup Courses In Mumbai


The Beauty industry gets hardly affected by hard times or economic slowdown. This industry is flourishing in the whole world as it's a big desire for everyone to look good and presentable. If you want to be a part of this leading industry, you can join our Truestylez Academy. We offer different types of Beautician Courses to help you learn a variety of haircuts, hair spa and multiple ways of doing hairstyles. Our Beautician Courses include right guidelines, tutorials and DOs and DONTs for glowing faces, bleach, De-tan and how to do the facial the right way. Our Academy is run by Beauty Professionals and Experts who trains the Beautician in waxing, bleaching, make-up and in doing complete makeovers of people, etc. There are different Beautician Courses available with us to cover different aspects of beauty care.

Our Beautician Courses consist of safety practices, aesthetics theory and the use of products. You will also obtain hands-on experience working under supervision with real clients. Most Beautician courses can be completed in two semesters. Beautician is a field of study consisting of hairstyling, skincare, makeup.


Career Options after Beautician Course

Getting trained with Truestylez Academy will help you with plenty job opportunities in the industry. You can work in professional salons, spa lounges, beauty centers and even start with your own beauty parlors, etc. You can also work as a beauty expert in beauty academies for training candidates. 

Following are some leading beauty careers that you can choose for yourselves once you’ve been trained under Truestylez Academy:

1. Cosmetologist

2. Hair Stylist

3. Beauty Care Distributor

4. Salon Sales Consultant

5. Makeup Artist

6. Manufacturer Sales Representative

7. Fashion Show Stylist


As we already know, beauty professionals are highly in demand in the television and film industries as well. Therefore, it is a profitable career option where revenue increases with experience and reputation. Expert beauticians get well-paid jobs in beauty parlors, high-end salons and in luxurious hotels.


Leading Beautician Courses:


The very first thing to become a Beautician is to pursue a professional Beautician courses from a reputed beauty training academy. From basic to advanced, there are different Beautician Courses that cover makeup techniques and methods like keratin treatment, facial and advanced skin treatments, hair colouring techniques, pedicure and manicure, etc. 

Below are some of the leading Beautician Courses that have a huge demand in the market:


Hair Care

In this course, you will learn different hair types, hair problems and its successive treatments. This course includes different methods of shampooing, conditioning, and essential hair care treatments like spa, keratin, and smoothing. You will also learn the specialties of hairstyling like trimming, straightening, curling, and shaping techniques.


Hair Cutting and Colouring

This course introduces you with detailed types of hair colouring like touch-ups, global, highlights, ombre, etc. Different types of hairstyling like braids, buns, updos, crimps, and curls are also covered in the course. You also get to know details on wigs, artificial hair, and hair accessories.


Skin Care

This course includes skin types and how to offer skin treatments based on the same. You will be trained to make the skin radiant and beautiful.


Makeup Application

This Beautician Course teaches you all makeup types and its applications, makeup tools, tips, and aesthetics. Bridal makeup is also covered in this course.


Facial and Face Treatments

In this course you will learn the technique of cleaning, massaging, facial hair removal and mask application, applying pressure on the right points and delivering a complete facial service.



Beauty Parlor Courses involves the execution of beauty techniques, like styling, cutting, coloring, facials, manicure, pedicure procedures, creating makeup looks, lash extensions, and so on. It usually includes the outer areas of styling and grooming with knowledge of makeup and beauty enhancement products. 

Beauty Parlor Courses offered by Truestylez Academy also involves treatments, like laser treatment, dermabrasion, peels, botox, and fillers, etc. We also offer advanced Beauty Parlor Courses which give learners a detailed understanding of skin, hair, etc. at a deeper level. 

For any individual, looking good is extremely encouraging. Looking good and presentable reveals your personality and social status. This is where a beauty professional has an important role to play. If you want to be one of those individuals who are interested in making others look good through beauty services, then a professional Beauty Parlor Course with Truestylez Academy awaits you. 


Here are the reasons why the beauty profession is a growing career

There is tremendous demand for beauty therapies, treatments, and specialized beauty care and wellness than ever before.

According to market experts, the beauty industry will see huge growth in the next few years.

Female beauty entrepreneurs serve as incredible benchmarks of independent, self-sufficient women of today, for aspiring beauty professionals.

Lots of job opportunities are available for beauty professionals as they can work anywhere in a professional salon, spa center, cosmetic showrooms or to become a  makeup artist and skin consultant for celebrities and top personalities. Also, they can start their own beauty salons.

Beauty treatments covered in the Beauty Parlor Courses:

Here is a list:

1. Facial treatments like galvanic facials, application, and consultation.

2. Makeup trends, styles, and applications, which makeup product is suitable for what type of skin, etc.

3. Superficial hair removal.

4. Hairstyling and treatments.

5. Spa treatments, body massage, wraps, and soaks.

6. Advanced Beauty and skin treatments like glycolic peels, tri chloro-acetic acid, etc.

7. Depending on the Beauty Parlor Course you choose, you will get to learn the basic and advanced levels of beauty treatments, haircuts, hairstyles, hair treatments, and various types of makeup. 


Eligibility Criteria for Beauty Parlor Courses

1. Housewives, students, undergraduates, business-oriented women who have an interest in the beauty industry can enroll for our Beauty Parlor Courses to acquire professional skills.

2. Different types of Beauty Parlor Courses are available that cover topics like foundation application, makeup theory, different hairstyles, facials, eye makeup, eyelash application, red carpet look, media makeup look, party look, modern and traditional look, bridal look, bronze tan look, and many others. You can choose any of them according to your interests.

3. Several beauty courses are available having different levels and techniques. You will be eligible for a basic course if you are a fresher. If you are already in this field you can go for our advanced courses.

4. There is no criteria of qualification for pursuing a Beauty Parlor Course. Even undergraduates are eligible for taking up a Beauty Parlor Course.

Salon Management Certification Courses

Salon management certification courses can help you prepare for entry-level or even mid-level management roles in the Salon Industry.

Certification course in Salon Management usually includes the fundamentals of managing a Salon and covers topics like management of health, hygiene & safety in the Salon, sales management and marketing in the hair and beauty sector, and first aid amongst others.

After completing this course, you will gain skills to coordinate the day-to-day operations of your salon business and to plan, monitor, and evaluate the work of your team.