Govt.Authorized Hair, Makeup & Beauty Academy

Beautician course in Mumbai

Course Details

Course Name:-
Advance & Professional Beautician

Batches & Duration:-
1) Batch Name- Regular Batch:-
Days- Tuesday to Saturday (5days)
Time- (Batch A) 11:30 AM To 2:30 Pm
          (Batch B) 3 PM To 6 PM
Duration- 2.5 Months

2) Batch Name-Only Sunday
Time- 12 Noon To 6 Pm
Duration- 4.5 Months

Course Content


1.Hair wash & Shampoo Conditioning
2.Color Wash
3.Heena On Hair Application
4.Tonging in and out
5.Soft Tongs
6.Hard Tongs
7.Vertical and Horizontal Tongs
8.Tonging Big and Small
9.Ironing (Temporary Straightening)
10.Soft Waves With Ironing
11.Blow Dry (Straight , Inculrs & Out Curls)
12.Hair Colour
13.Root Touch Up
14.Global Colour
16.Permanent Straightening
17.Rebounding & Smoothening
18.Short Basic & Advance Hair cuts
19.Long Basic & Advance Hair cuts
20.straight cut
22.slide u cut
23.deep u cut
24.v cut
24.layers cut layer
27.out line layer
28.volume layer
29.90 degree layer
30.step cut
31.layer with step
32.diamond cut
33.feather cut
34.blunt cut
35.A line bov
36.mashroom hair cut
39.chopping techniques
40.bands haircut
41.Advance Hair Oil Treatment
42.Hair Fall Treatment
43.Dandruff Treatment
44.Hair Styles
45.Hair Settings / Dressing
47.Volume blow dry

1.Eye Brow
2.Face Threading
4.Chocolate Wax
5.parafin wax
6basic Manicure
7.basic Pedicure
8.French Manicure manicure padicure
11.Body Massage
12.Body Polishing
13.Body Wax
14.Body Bleach
15.body spa
16.Face Bleach
19.Advanced Facials
20.High Frequency
22.brushing unit
23.ultra sonic Infra machine
25.Skin Science
26.Upper Lips
28.Self grooming
29.Client consultation

1.Colour Theory
2.Different Skin Tones & Textures
3.Foundation Techniques
4.Working with Colours
5.Day Makeup
6.Evening Makeup
7.Corporate Makeup
8.Party Makeup
9.Office Makeup
10.Engagement Makeup
12.Smokey eyes

1.Body Spa
2.Hair Spa
3.Spa Manicure
4.Spa Pedicure

1.14 Different Styles of Basic & Advance Hairstyles
2.Professional Bridal Make up
3.15 bridal styles OF Saree Trapping
4.Pre Bridal
5.Post Bridal

1.Salon Management Module
2.Project Planning For Salon

"Documents For Admission"
(1) One Zeroz Copy Of Id & Address Proof
(2) 5 Passport Size Photos
(3) Rs 1000/- As Advance For Your Seat Confirmation
(Will be deducted in your total fees)
Note-Only 20 students per batch So Please Call on 7045772467 before Coming.

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Beauty Courses help you expand business and job opportunities. Completing a detailed professional Beautician Course can make a person versatile. This is because it doesn’t let you remain confined to a particular stream, but the whole world opens for you. Well-organized Beauty Courses in Mumbai are available that can give deep knowledge about it. Professional salons and spas wish to select trained people to give the best service to customers. The Beauty industry is expanding at an incredible speed, and it is a great opportunity for people to benefit from it.


You need to join the best Beauty Courses in Mumbai if you want to build a great career in the beauty industry. To become a perfect beautician, it is a must to acquire a keen knowledge of it. More than the diploma, degree or certificate; you must focus on learning the basics. Whether you join Beauty Courses in Mumbai as a trainee beautician or launch your business, it depends on your preferences. It is essential to achieve a high level of proficiency first. Govt authorized Truestylez Academy is one of the finest Academy in Mumbai which you can join. 

 Here are a few essential tips to pick the right beauty Academy 

 1. Make sure you join a beauty academy that provides a recognized course. The academy should be affiliated with some recognized institute or it should be government authorized like Truestylez Academy.

2. The course curriculum should cover the basics in the early years and specialized skills in the latter half.

3. Before taking admission you need to check the placement history of the institute. If the institute is able to place students in reputed places, then it is the right institute you must get enrolled into.

4. Also, get some information about the trainers. Trainers should be professional enough and should have enough experience.


Why do you need to join Beauty Courses in Mumbai?

 1. The career in the field of beauty and wellness is flourishing with amazing speed. Every year, hundreds of people join the fleet only in Mumbai.

2. The demand for skilled beauticians is increasing in the glamor world. Plays, TV serials, photoshoots, video shootings, and events require expert hair and beauty specialists and makeup artists.

3. You get sound professional knowledge and understanding of the methods and procedures.

4. The best teachers teach skills of beauty treatment.

5. You get acquainted with the skills needed in the competitive marketplace.

6. If you are interested in making a career in bridal makeup, it is recommended to join the Govt authorized Truestylez Academy for Beauty Courses in Mumbai

7. Using the best infrastructure facilities there, you master the skills of treating hair, skin, body, and face.

8. You are trained for event management and special occasions.

9. You get a chance to implement makeup ideas practically.

10. You are informed about everything that customers want

11. The biggest benefit is joining Beauty Courses in Mumbai is you get trained for the latest trends.


 When you join Beauty Courses in Mumbai you are told about the secrets of enhancing the beauty and appearance of a person by the trainers. You can find several professional Beauty Courses in Mumbai like Govt authorized Truestylez Academy where detailed training is given to the budding beauticians. They share their knowledge about the knacks of beauty treatment and make you aware of the new technologies and trends. When a beautician offers high-quality services, people do not mind paying high for makeup or beauty treatment. Nowadays, it is possible to get enrolled in a well-managed beauty academy to complete any type of Beauty Course in Mumbai where excellent training is provided.